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Unlock the potential of your writing by contributing to DOTECHTALK, where we take pride in being more than just a technology news website – we are a dynamic community shaping the future of tech.

  • Rapid Growth: Experience the surge as we grow by 300% each month, verified by AHREF data. We’ve evolved into a vibrant community where your voice matters.

  • Diverse Reach: Do Tech Talk is not just a platform; it’s a community that spans industries and continents. Our Domain Authority (DA) of 55+ (February) speaks volumes, with a significant audience from the USA.


Visibility and Recognition

  • Top SERP Rankings: Over 70% of our content ranks high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), as verified by AHREF or SEMrush.

  • Strategic Promotion: Leverage our robust internal marketing team that actively promotes every piece of content published on Do Tech Talk.

Your Promise

  • Quality Commitment: We aim to publish 18 top-notch tech articles weekly. To ensure diversity, we limit submissions from the same author in a given week.

  • Limited Resources: Given our high submission volume, please understand our limited resources for editing and publishing. Expect responses on business days only.

What We Seek in Your Contributions

Fresh Perspectives

  • Emerging Technologies: Provide unique insights into emerging technologies, trends, and breakthroughs.

Practical Advice

  • Actionable Tips: Share practical tips and tricks that our readers can implement in their tech projects.

In-Depth Analysis

  • Tech Deep Dive: Delve into complex tech topics, unraveling them for our diverse audience.

Engaging Writing

  • Compelling Content: Craft engaging, informative content that keeps our readers coming back for more.
Premium Author Access : Become a premium author to enjoy instant content posting without approval. Premium authors can manage their posts and enjoy up to 2 do-follow links per post.

Submission Requirements

  • Word Count: We accept articles with a minimum of 1600 words (excluding the Title and Bio).

  • Linking: Include a maximum of 2 links to your website. Ensure links lead to quality and secure websites.

  • Diverse References: Feel free to add multiple links to reputable sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, etc.

Collaborate with Do Tech Talk

Explore collaboration opportunities with DOTECHTALK. We offer tailored article creation services, aligning with your business model and needs. Benefit from our experienced marketing team’s strategic analysis.

Collaborate with DOTECHTALK

Explore collaboration opportunities with DOTECHTALK. We offer tailored article creation services, aligning with your business model and needs. Benefit from our experienced marketing team’s strategic analysis.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Banner Placement: Advertise by adding your banner to our top 10 articles.

  • Comprehensive Ad Placement: Place a 3-size banner ad across the entire website, including the Home page, sidebars, and a popup for all visitors.

How to Contribute to DOTECHTALK

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Do you have a modern business blog idea? Share it with our millions of users. Write for us on technology, business trends, gadgets, marketing strategies, development, programming updates, startup ideas, and business growth.

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  • Top 10 List Inclusion: Add your company name to any “Top 10 List” from positions 3 to 10.

  • Logo or Badge Inclusion: Include the Make An App Like logo or badge in your footer with the same top 10 list URL.

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Benefits of Writing for Us + Technology

  • Domain Authority Boost: Enhance your domain authority by contributing to our site.

  • Increased Traffic: Quality content ensures regular traffic, elevating your blog’s value.

  • Networking Opportunities: Reach a wider audience, fostering new contacts, leads, and sales.

  • Domain Evaluation: Maintain a high domain rating by contributing to authoritative blogs like ours.

  • Keyword Ranking Improvement: Boost your blog’s search engine ranking by writing well-researched articles.

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