10 Best Free Multiplayer PC Games That You Need to Play


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Aren’t multiplayer games the best?

There’s something about doing battle with others over the internet that gives fun. You feel the rush of competition or friendship as you raise your scores and combine your abilities to beat your rivals. 

It can be challenging to find the best free multiplayer PC games to have a good time. The issue becomes difficult when you add a particular filter, such as free multiplayer PC games to play with friends. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best free multiplayer PC games for your consideration.

To include a variety of games in our list, we focused on games other than the popular ones, which are a little more obscure when compared to well-known titles. 

These games provide some of the best experiences available, and because the PC is a fantastic platform, it has more free games than you would think.

You can be seeking a few minutes of rapid entertainment, or you might want to spend hours immersed in a fully-detailed universe. The PC has everything you could want.

So, these are the best free multiplayer PC games you can play on PC right now. All you need is a good internet connection and enough free space to download them.

10 Best Free Multiplayer PC Games That You Need to Play

“Free Multiplayer PC Games” provide players all over the world with an interesting and accessible gaming experience. These best free multiplayer PC games allow players to participate in intense online battles, cooperative missions, and strategic gameplay without making payments. 

As the gaming industry grows, many mobile game development companies are seeing the potential of the PC multiplayer market and engaging it to produce immersive and competitive gaming experiences. Here are the greatest free multiplayer PC games for you to enjoy with friends.

1. Street Fighter V

The current edition of one of the most successful fighting games in history builds on the Street Fighter tournament by giving iconic characters new designs. It is one of the best free multiplayer PC games.

Street Fighter V lowered the number of characters while introducing a new story mode, thanks to innovative features that made the fights more dynamic than their soldiers.

The multiplayer section hasn’t changed much from its predecessor, but it’s worth remembering that the gaming community is one of the largest and most passionate, which might encourage you to seek out the best in face-to-face tournaments or over the internet.

2. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is the next name in the list of best free multiplayer PC games. This first-person shooter is for fans of epic battles because the ones in it include entire continents and hordes of soldiers who are joined by fighter jets, vehicles, and tanks.

Because there are so many different ways your character can die in this chaotic game in which three sides are at war, we advise playing it with friends or at the very least using a microphone.

If you don’t, you can end up lost or even surrounded by hostile enemies who would be happy to kill you. The best course of action is to join or start your Outfit, a guild or clan that keeps things structured so you can concentrate on eliminating the enemies.

3. Rift

Rift is one of the best free multiplayer PC games. Your primary goal is to protect the planet from the elemental planes. Random rifts will develop, and if you don’t seal them off in time, hordes of foes from those planes will stream through, making for some furious combat.

In addition to fighting other players in PvP battles, going to dungeons, and even exploring the world’s other dimensions, known as Slivers, are all options available. There is a lot to do here for nothing.

Also, you can play alone to avoid other users. If anything, it provides some adaptability and the game won’t penalize you for it.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is one of the best free multiplayer PC games, and it is widely regarded as one of the founders of team-based gameplay.

In comparison to previous entries, Global Offensive contains “new” maps, arms, and characters, as well as revamped old maps like Nuke, Inferno, Train, and Dust.

CS is an essential sports title, with teams from all around the world participating all the time. It also offers a variety of game modes, including Competitive, Casual, Wingman, Arms Race, Flying Scotsman, and others.

However, it is not the easiest sport for beginners to learn, especially competitively – you will most likely die a lot.

However, with enough time and watching competitive matches, you may quickly become acquainted with it and have a fighting chance. Probably.

5. Mortal Kombat X

The tenth edition of Mortal Kombat managed to outperform all previous editions and is regarded by many, including this writer, as one of the best free multiplayer PC games ever produced.

The game, which takes years after the original plot, involves the children of renowned characters such as Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, as well as well-known personalities such as Scorpion and Raiden, confronting a new threat to the Earth. 

Its multiplayer option enables local fights against friends as well as online battles with gamers from all over the world. Online events are also held regularly, bringing new twists to “kombats.”

6. World of Tanks

The best free multiplayer PC games ever created are ones like these. World of Tanks may be a simulator with intricate game mechanics, but fresh players may still enjoy it.

There are several different game types in the game, including a death match between two teams of tankers.

From enormous heavies to quick scouts, they have access to hundreds of tanks over ten levels. It’s astonishing how many tanks the designers were able to include while yet giving each one a unique vibe.

Because World of Tanks rewards perseverance, consider playing World of Tanks Blitz if you’re looking for something a little faster-paced.

Confrontations happen more frequently since there are fewer players on each team and smaller maps.

7. Smite

Smite is a MOBA that is similar to Dota 2 and League of Legends. It additionally includes two teams of five players fighting it out and attempting to demolish each other’s bases. 

However, the game differentiates itself by altering the camera angle. Instead of a top-down view that depicts a big portion of the battlefield, Smite zooms in on the champions. This eliminates the need for strategy and focuses on pure action.

Furthermore, the game features a wide range of characters inspired by gods from various religions around the world. They are still divided into MOBA roles such as mages and assassins.

However, they frequently come with interesting powers that would break most other MOBA champions.

8. Apex Legends

It’s difficult for a new game to create an impact in the battle royale genre, but Apex Legends did exactly that.

The game, developed by the Titanfall team, follows the tried-and-true battle royale formula while introducing new characters and gameplay mechanics.

There are numerous approaches to each round depending on your team’s makeup and the heroes you choose. After all, each character possesses a unique skill that can turn the tide of a battle.

Apex also features contextual pings, which allow you to communicate by announcing loot, marking foes, telling your teammates where you’re going, and more. So, if you’re murdered, you can easily blame your team for repeatedly pinging Mozambique.

9. Call of Duty

It seemed likely that Call of Duty would go free-to-play at some point. But it would have been difficult to guess how popular Warzone would become since its release in March 2020.

Players swarm into Verdansk and fight until only one player or squad remains – hardly groundbreaking in terms of battle royale games. It is one of the most popular and best free multiplayer PC games.

However, with the option to earn special currency for trading, fight for a second life, and even call in your load-outs, Warzone has thrived since its release.

With Warzone expected to be enhanced year after year with each new CoD release, Warzone will be a continually fresh, exhilarating experience. Mind you, as long as they can clean up all the hackers.

10. Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter may have finally arrived on PC, to critical and financial acclaim, but Dauntless provides a similar experience for free.

Monster Hunter is the next name in the list of best free multiplayer PC games.

You can play Dauntless online with up to three co-op partners, and together you will confront progressively difficult monsters known as Behemoths.

Each Behemoth is a unique challenge in its own right, with unique powers and attacks that you must master and counter.

You should also make sure that your party has a variety of weapons so that you can chain together combos and abilities.

Otherwise, the experience may get terrifying as you die over and over again.

Regardless, the game is a slog worth persisting with.


In conclusion, players of any type can choose from a wide variety of experiences in the world of the best free multiplayer PC games.

The wide variety makes sure there is something for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank, from intense shooters to tactical teams. 

These top 10 games not only keep players entertained for hours on end, but they also encourage teamwork as players cooperate, engage in competition, and make connections in virtual environments. 

So, whether you enjoy cooperative quests or action-packed fights, delve into the gems of free multiplayer gaming and go on fantastic gaming adventures with friends and like-minded gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What criteria were used to select these games?

The best free multiplayer PC games were chosen based on their popularity, gameplay quality, community interaction, and overall multiplayer fun factor.

  • Is it true that these games are completely free to play?

Yes, all of the best free multiplayer PC games on this list are available for free to play. In-game purchases for cosmetic goods or other non-essential materials may be available in some cases.

  • Do I need a powerful computer to play these games?

Many of these best free multiplayer PC games are designed to be playable on a variety of PC configurations. A fairly proficient PC, on the other hand, will assure smoother gaming.

  • How do I communicate with other game players?

In-game chat systems in most games allow you to speak with other players. Some may also have voice chat features.

  • Do these games have competitive modes?

Yes, several of these best free multiplayer PC games include competitive modes for gamers searching for a more demanding experience, such as ranked matches or competitive seasons.

  • Can these games be played on a Mac or Linux system?

These best free multiplayer PC games’ compatibility with Mac or Linux platforms varies. Some may have native support, while others may necessitate the use of workarounds or emulation.

Remember that the availability and functionality of these games may change over time, so always check with the makers for the most up-to-date information before downloading and playing.


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