Whatsapp Testing AI-Powered Image Editor For Messenger App


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Messaging giant WhatsApp is developing a new feature: an AI-powered photo editor. Codenamed WhatsApp AI beta features, this exciting development promises to transform WhatsApp photo editing. 

According to reliable sources, users will soon be able to edit and enhance photos directly within the app, giving them the power of WhatsApp AI editing tools.

This step demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to improving user experience and meeting the increasing demand for creative photo editing software on WhatsApp powered by AI for WhatsApp tools.


  • WhatsApp is developing an AI-powered photo editor that allows users to enhance photos directly within the app.
  • This feature, which is still under development, can provide background editing, redesign effects, and image expansion functions.
  • The exact functionality and release date are still unclear but are indicative of WhatsApp’s growing adoption of AI features.

Edit Photos with Artificial Intelligence on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is preparing a photo editor powered by artificial intelligence! This new feature (which is still in development) can allow you to easily change photo backgrounds, apply artistic styles, and even enlarge images.

Although the exact launch date remains a mystery, it indicates that WhatsApp is moving towards more AI-powered tools to improve the way photos are shared.

What can WhatsApp AI Photo Editor do?

There are rumors about a new feature of WhatsApp, which is the AI-powered photo editor. This new development, which was detected in the beta testing phase of WhatsApp, promises to bring a change to WhatsApp photo editing.

You will be able to edit photos directly within your WhatsApp chat! The AI photo editor for WhatsApp can offer a variety of features:

  • AI-Powered Background Editing for WhatsApp: The editor can study your photo and easily replace the background with a new one of your choice.
  • WhatsApp Photo Redesign Effects: This feature can provide various artistic styles and filters that go beyond the basic options currently available in WhatsApp photo editing. What if you could turn your photo into a classic painting or add a touch of vintage style to your travel photos?
  • AI Image Magnification for WhatsApp: Have you ever cropped an image too close? WhatsApp’s AI photo editor could solve this problem. By intelligently examining your image content, AI can enlarge the image size while maintaining clarity and detail.
This is all based on leaks and rumors about WhatsApp’s beta AI features, but it paints a promising picture for the future of WhatsApp’s photo editing updates.

How will the WhatsApp AI Photo Editor Work?

While the details of WhatsApp’s AI photo editor are still under wraps, based on leaks and educated guesses, here’s a possible scenario for how it could work:

Direct integration: The editor can be accessed directly when editing an image within a WhatsApp chat. In WhatsApp photo editing options, you may see a new AI editor icon. Clicking on it will open a menu containing features such as AI background editing, image redesign effects, and AI image enlargement.

Simple Interface: In line with WhatsApp’s user-friendly approach, the WhatsApp AI editing tool will likely have a simple interface. You can choose the desired effect (edit background, redesign, or expand) and let the AI do its magic. There is also the possibility of some basic customization options within the AI photo editor for WhatsApp.

Beta testing: The current presence of this feature in WhatsApp’s beta testing phase suggests that user feedback will play a role in shaping the final product. This means that the way the editor works can be further improved based on testers’ experiences with WhatsApp’s AI beta features.

Integration with existing editing tools: The AI photo editor will likely complement the existing basic editing options, such as cropping and rotating, that are already available on WhatsApp. This will create a more comprehensive update for WhatsApp photo editing, allowing you to make basic edits and use AI to make more advanced improvements within the same app.

How to Create an AI image in chat

Step 1: Go to the photo editing menu

While sharing a photo in a WhatsApp chat, go to the photo editing menu. This menu usually appears after selecting a photo to share.

Step 2: Find the AI Editor icon

Look for the new icon within the edit menu. This icon may refer to AI editing functions (the specific icon design is unknown at this time).

Step 3: Choose the option to edit your AI

Once you click on the AI Editor icon, a selection menu may appear.

Step 4: Select and apply settings

Choose the AI editing option you want. Depending on the option, you may have more customization options.

Step 5: Share the edited photo

Once you are done with the AI-edited image, you can share it directly to your WhatsApp chat.

Benefits of AI Photo Editor on WhatsApp

Integrating photo editing with AI comes with many benefits:

  • Simplified editing: AI editor can simplify the photo editing process, eliminating the need for users to download and switch between multiple apps.
  • Enhanced Creativity: AI-powered effects can open the doors to new creative possibilities, allowing users to transform their photos in unique ways.
  • Improved User Experience: The built-in editor will improve the overall user experience within WhatsApp, making it a one-stop shop for sharing and editing photos.


The arrival of a photo editor with artificial intelligence to WhatsApp is on the horizon and promises to revolutionize photo editing within the application. With features like background manipulation, artistic filters, and even AI-assisted photo magnification, users will have a powerful set of tools to enhance their photos right in WhatsApp. 

This AI integration indicates WhatsApp’s commitment to improving user experience and meeting the growing demand for creative photo editing tools. While the exact launch date is still unknown, the beta test points to a future where WhatsApp becomes a one-stop shop for photo sharing and creative expression, all powered by the magic of artificial intelligence.


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