Bitcoin and Crypto Market In 2024 – An Expert Guide


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The cryptocurrency scene has become a center of attraction in the world offering a new approach to financial transactions.

As 2024 approaches and 2023 is dominated by the problems caused by the crypto winter, it is important to consider the outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2024.

Most predictions about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market for 2024 gave a positive impression to users and businesses.

For example, market experts have predicted that the Bitcoin halving event will lead to a rise in cryptocurrency prices in 2024.

Aside from the upward momentum in the prices of crypto assets other than Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is likely to grow with the industry’s innovation forces and evolving market structure.

Additionally, improved access to data-driven insights for investment decision-making and increased institutional adoption point to promising trends for 2024.

Let’s explore more details about the forecast for the cryptocurrency market in 2024.

The current State of the Cryptocurrency Market

The most important aspect to understand the current situation of the cryptocurrency market is the market capitalization.

You can see how Bitcoin’s market cap dominates the market, as more than 52% of transactions in the cryptocurrency market involve Bitcoin.

The global cryptocurrency market reached a market value of $1.43 trillion in November 2023.

Market research revealed that the cryptocurrency market has witnessed steady growth since October 2023 with progress.

For example, anticipation over the approval of crypto ETFs has sparked hope for a recovery from the crypto winter.

Anticipation over the approval of cryptocurrency ETFs by the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has fueled institutional adoption.

How is the growth of the cryptocurrency market related to cryptocurrency ETFs?

Various global investment firms have applied for cryptocurrency ETFs, especially those based on Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Moreover, many cryptocurrency projects have gained fame for taking new and innovative approaches to the market.

In addition, the introduction of user-centric elements has also helped improve adoption rates.

The increasing accessibility of cryptocurrencies for non-technical people and the real-world utility of NFTs are two of the highlights that have dominated the cryptocurrency market in 2023.

Regulatory Developments in the Cryptocurrency Market by 2024

The focus on regulation in the cryptocurrency space is gaining momentum and constantly evolving.

Most searches for “cryptocurrency market forecast in 2024” focus on asset prices.

However, regulation acts as a major driver of change in the cryptocurrency market, and regulatory developments in 2024 will shape the industry.

A review of the state of the cryptocurrency market in 2023 indicates that regulatory uncertainty has not affected the growth of big players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

On the other hand, crypto enthusiasts have been watching Federal Reserve decisions that could reduce the burden on cryptocurrencies and high-risk assets.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the focal points in the regulatory landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

It has been actively involved in regulating the cryptocurrency market and can play a vital role in opening the doors to widespread adoption.

Moreover, the decision to approve cryptocurrency ETFs was influenced by pressure from the US Congress.

Discussions about Bitcoin market forecasts for 2024 point to efforts by the Securities and Exchange Commission and US regulators to classify crypto assets.

In addition, macroeconomic factors were also under the influence of macroeconomic factors.

In 2024, the Federal Reserve’s actions related to interest rate policies could have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market.

The US Federal Reserve has increased its target interest rate for federal funds focusing specifically on fighting inflation.

A continued rise in interest rates may slow economic growth, which may discourage investments in volatile assets, such as cryptocurrency assets.

Navigating the cryptocurrency market in 2024 will therefore require a review of regulatory developments as well as macroeconomic factors.

What are the forecasts for Bitcoin in 2024?

Bitcoin has always been a major force in the cryptocurrency market, being the first cryptocurrency to attract the world’s attention.

Questions like “Is the cryptocurrency market on the rise?”

Draw attention to the performance of blockchain technology.

What has caught the attention of cryptocurrency experts now towards Bitcoin?

The answer will indicate a halving of the price of Bitcoin.

Interestingly, all previous Bitcoin halving events served as bullish catalysts for the cryptocurrency market.

The next Bitcoin halving event is expected to occur in April 2024 and will result in mining rewards being cut in half.

Bitcoin halving is usually followed by an increase in the prices of crypto assets, such as Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Previous Bitcoin market bull cycles have been characterized by average annual gains of up to 213% in the second year.

By the end of 2024, Bitcoin’s market capitalization could reach another high, supported by the long-term bullish tendencies of Bitcoin prices.

Most importantly of all, the Bitcoin halving event will have a significant impact on the supply and market dynamics of cryptocurrencies.

As the rewards for mining new blocks decrease, Bitcoin will become more scarce, causing prices to rise.

Another important point in the forecast for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market for 2024 refers to Bitcoin ETFs.

Blackrock, or BLK, originally filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the SEC in June 2023.

How can Bitcoin ETFs crack the cryptocurrency market in 2024?

Individual investors can find greater exposure to cryptocurrencies by taking advantage of ETFs, which offer the same features as cryptocurrencies.

In simple words, an ETF allows retail investors to access Bitcoin without having to maintain an investment in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Market research conducted by analysts has revealed that the impending SEC approval of cryptocurrency ETFs could lead to a huge volume of funds flowing into Bitcoin ETFs.

Optimism has also helped boost Bitcoin’s price.

Bloomberg reports that the spot market for Bitcoin ETFs could grow to nearly $100 billion.

Some reports have also indicated that Bitcoin ETF products could achieve explosive growth within three years.

Improving the Market Structure of the Crypto Market

Details regarding the cryptocurrency market forecast in 2024 also focus on changes in market structure.

Cryptocurrency advisors will need to find alternative ways to allocate digital assets from analysis to implementation.

Institutional readiness for cryptocurrency adoption has gained momentum in 2023. The cryptocurrency market could provide greater exposure with improvements in qualified custody along with interactions between cryptocurrency exchanges and custodians.

Other factors among the changes in the structure of the cryptocurrency market point to an interest in tax filings, ease of use, and reporting.

US crypto custodians are gradually improving RIA-backed platforms to meet advisor requirements.

Forecasts for the cryptocurrency market in 2024 also draw attention to market innovations, as asset managers compete with each other for exposure to cryptocurrency markets.

The product adoption cycle in the cryptocurrency market will move from passive exposure to active and evolving exposure.

What factors would enhance the bullish environment in Cryptocurrency Markets?

The liquidity of the cryptocurrency market is likely to grow due to the increasing investment inflow from institutional investors.

Bitcoin market predictions for 2024 mainly focus on the Bitcoin halving event. However, investments will flow into the cryptocurrency space from investment companies through direct investments.

The next important factor that will boost the new Bull Run is the list of projects that can attract the attention of major markets.

Different brands and service providers have planned to enter the cryptocurrency space.

These companies will likely see 2024 as the best time to make an impact.

The growing demand for the transition to web3 technology among native web2 projects will gain momentum in 2024. Why?

The benefits of decentralized operations provide cost-saving advantages and improved productivity. Cryptocurrency market growth forecasts in 2024 also focus on the possibilities of increased adoption of NFTs with real-world facilities.

For example, NFTs can provide unique proof of ownership and give them special benefits.

Some notable examples of companies that are likely to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2024 include social media networks, fashion brands, gaming, and hospitality companies.

The overview of factors that could boost the upcoming Bull Run in 2024 also focuses on cryptocurrency projects that offer new features.

For example, new Layer 2 techniques such as optimistic rollups and zk-rollups can improve scalability.

Likewise, the introduction of new NFT standards, such as ERC-4337, could make exceptional contributions to the cryptocurrency Bull Run in 2024.

How will Ethereum Perform in 2024?

The next major player in the cryptocurrency scene is Ethereum.

It may also emerge as a major influence on the overall blockchain and web3 landscape.

Discussions about whether the cryptocurrency market is on the rise in recent bull cycles have also drawn attention to Ethereum’s performance.

Reviewing the historical performance of Ethereum during the spikes is a promising factor in driving the growth of the cryptocurrency markets.

Predictions for Ethereum’s growth in 2024 will also confirm the development of the Ethereum network.

Some notable developments on the Ethereum network planned for 2024 include the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade.

This represented the biggest change for Ethereum in its transition from proof-of-work consensus to proof-of-stake consensus.

Most importantly of all, the 2024 cryptocurrency market forecast for Ethereum also confirms Ethereum’s position as Bitcoin’s biggest competitor.

It offers a wide range of functionalities, including smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized applications.

The features may appeal to collectors, developers, and users in the DeFi sector.

Advances in Ethereum can also encourage institutional adoption, and increasing technological advancements should ensure user retention.

Bottom Line

The predictions for the cryptocurrency markets in 2024 mainly revolve around the expected Bull Run for cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin halving event is scheduled to take place in April 2024. It could boost the growth of the cryptocurrency market like previous bull cycles.

Changes in market structure and innovative developments in blockchain networks have fueled the growth of cryptocurrency markets.

Moreover, you can also find many other factors that are favorable for the growth of cryptocurrency markets.

It is important to monitor regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency space to determine their impact on investor sentiment.

Moreover, the growing inclination towards web3 through NFT, DeFi, and metaverse would also boost the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about the different ways cryptocurrency markets could rally in 2024 now.

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